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We manufacture your desired product

Have you developed a new product? Do you have an idea in mind? Maybe you have plans for a new project and are looking for the perfect partner to help you bring it to life? – In any case we are the ideal partner to help you achieve your goals. We listen to you, we understand where you are coming from and we help you to develop and accurately implement a solution that fits your needs.

  • Surface finishes

    Ma e/ma e, gloss/ma e or pebbled – these are your op ons to choose from for the surface finish of your product – depending on the intended purpose and your individual requirements.

    In addition, we offer an inline corona surface treatment which improves the adhesion of our sheets. A selection of décor and protective foils completes our range of products.

  • Colours

    When you see a jazzy red colour, you spontaneously think of a little Italian scooter. A certain shade of yellow reminds you of an international fast food restaurant – colours are important when it comes to a customer’s perception of brands and products. Use the recognition value of colours for your product!

    As we have long‐lasting partnerships with many of our suppliers, we can offer all common shades of RAL, Pantone and HKS paints, as well as individual adjustments to the standard range of shades – and all in a short amount of me. During production we can check the colours of the finished sheets in our own laboratory. This allows us to ensure a consistent colour quality – and that’s the most important thing!

  • Composition

    By using additives, we can adjust our products to meet our customer’s requirements. This makes it possible for us to improve protection against UV radiation or reduce the electrostatic charge of the sheets, for example.

We know what counts

What counts above all else is exchanging ideas and ensuring a smooth process both within the team and with you as customers. This makes it possible for us to understand what you want and need. Supported by the most modern resources, our team can find the perfect solution for you. We can respond to your needs quickly and flexibly and we always keep standard products ready for you.


Something that makes our company stand out is our reputation as a reliable service provider for our customers and our fair and cooperative dealings with our business partners. Respect and appreciation are essen al for mutual success.

As your contact partner for all things related to polystyrene and ABS sheets, we can be reached at any me so that we can react to your needs quickly and competently. Above all, we believe that it is crucial that we act in your best interest and fulfil your requirements – both when it comes the quality of our products and the advice that we provide, as well as adhering to deadlines.


It is really amazing that the sheets that you end up with are actually made from miniscule granulate particles that we have extruded in a highly modern process. However, this is not enough for us – we are only happy when we are constantly making progress.

It is not enough for us to simply manufacture sheets from plastic granulate, instead we take every opportunity to improve our processes and the performance of our machines. We use the most recent technical advances and keep our production up to date with the latest developments. This allows us to save as much energy and as many resources as possible and it also means that we can continuously increase the benefits during the manufacturing process and therefore also the benefits that our customers obtain from this.

Our Team

The commitment of our sixty highly qualified employees ensures that a consistently high level of quality is maintained. This starts at the consulting stage and continues right through to the delivery of your polystyrene and ABS sheets.

In order to maintain our team’s knowledge and experience in the long‐term, we have been training up new young talents ourselves for many years. By doing this, we have gained employees with expert knowledge, a strong customer orientation and a sense of responsibility that we can rely on.


As a company that produces their high-quality products using valuable raw materials, we believe that we are responsible for using these raw materials carefully. This is why we pay attention when choosing our suppliers and partners and ensure that they take the protection of resources as seriously as we do.

We do not simply dispose of any “waste” generated during production, we recycle as much as possible and feed it back into the production cycle.
Heat is also something that we do not throw away. We integrate the waste heat generated during production into the building’s system, meaning that the heat generated during production can be used to heat our production buildings.
An annual energy audit and the fact that our company has been awarded a DIN ISO 50001 certification confirms our commitment to sustainability and our endeavours to create a modern and efficient energy management system.

50 Years

We can look back on half a decade of extrusion. This means routine, reliability and, above all, “staying relaxed”. We know what is expected of us and we know what we are doing. We look to the future with a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.

Our expertise and experience has made it possible for us to classify new developments and evaluate their potential. For over 50 years, we have been growing partnerships with our customers and suppliers, continuously driving forward the development of our company and taking care of our own growth. We have also always had a keen curiosity and desire to tackle the challenges of the future with outstanding solutions.


As we have our own fleet of vehicles, we have the basis for a well-organised logistics service, which we have expanded over several years with solid logistics partners who transport our products throughout Europe.

In addition, we have a highly modern shelving system which means that we can quickly process our deliveries. The system guarantees the storage of the products and raw materials in a temperature-controlled building.

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